Thursday, 12 April 2012

Face plates

Face plates are my latest thing. Faces pressing out of the rims, some obscured, some clear.

This one is about 6 inches round, yellow base glaze with brown faces.

Oh, decals are so much fun. Faces in the garden. This one is about 11-12 inches across.

Another small one. Brown base glaze with yellow faces, about 6 inches.

 Close up of the Paparazzi plate. Charles and Diana sit innocently in the middle, pre-wedding.

And the whole thing. About 12 inches. 

More of these are in the works. I'll do another batch in this tan clay, and then switch to porcelain. Check back soon to see how that works out.

Lidded, altered porcelain jars with coloured finials

These are wheel throw and altered. They range in height from about 3 inches to 6.5 inches. They're made of Audrey Blackman porcelain with solid stained porcelain finials.

Ten all together. I expect to be making more of these in the near future. So much fun!  And it's always nice to have a small container to squirrel away small treasures in.

Some necklaces

Oh, I do have fun with the jewellery. I make my own coloured porcelain beads and kiln-fired glass cabochons for my necklaces. I also bend and case harden the copper features. I usually add a few other components I didn't make myself, such as chain, clasps, and Swarovski crystals.

No copper on this one, but seed beads are strung with my own beads, and woven erratically through black steel chain. Symmetry is over-rated.

I do like to use greens with the copper. It's only natural.

And here? All tied up, that orange just needs to be restrained somehow.