Monday, 4 June 2012


 I know this will be a lot more interesting once the pieces come out of the glaze firing, but this is where we are, and I am in a sharing mood.
The first doily face plate got its foot ring and had the doily lifted out.

Sorry Tudors, I know we're not so very different but I just have to alter mugs unless they are explicitly for you. Which these are not. 

While I did the feet, altering, and handles on the mugs, one more plate got nearly hard enough to trim. I shouldn't have pushed it. I'll leave the others for tomorrow.

Alas, it is cooler than it ought to be and also rainier than it ought to be, so I have to use the heater in the studio if I want anything to dry at all. This is not the June I was expecting. But it'll work out.

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