Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chugging right along

 Continuing with various clay activities, I had a glaze firing. The face plates are still V9G. The one with the green on the faces is going to get flowery decals on it, and the green will help with the gardeny camouflage look. The people are made of Earthstone 50 - Crank, and are unglazed.  The small plates are small indeed, probably only 5 or so inches across.

These just have a clear glaze, and will get decals on them.

This plate is growing on me. It's got a matte base glaze with shiny green streaks on the faces. 

The people mostly stay buff, but sometimes go a bit toasty on their extremities. There's no planning for it, the kiln decides. 

Back to wet work, I am doing a small batch of face plates with lace doilies pressed into the middles. 

I'm going to leave the doilies on until the feet are trimmed, then I'll lift them out and wash them, ready to be used again.  I get these from RETRoVERT, who source quality vintage items from around the county.  Someone's Nana made these, and they ended up in boot sales or charity shops. I immortalize the work of the Nanas here. 

Mugs. There have to be mugs. I will trim, alter, and handle these in the next day or two. I don't like to make them the same.  I like each one to be its own special beverage event venue.

I think I might do a little more work in V9G, then do a studio scrub-down for the switch to porcelain.

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