Saturday, 7 July 2012

Cambridge Open Studios 2012

 First things first. I had to unload the kiln. New butter dishes made of Audrey Blackman porcelain. They're impressed with lace doilies I've acquired over the past few months, all soft-slab hand-built. I love throwing on the wheel, but sometimes hand building is the only thing that will do.
 On this side of the room is older work. Crackpots, game pieces, porcelain jars, platters, fat folk, and so on.

This is in our conservatory, which was a building site 4 days ago. It's a big improvement over the tent I've used in previous years. Torrential rains are a lot more tolerable in solid construction.

See that white door through the window on the left of the image? That's the door to the actual studio, which as you can see, is open. I did do some jewellery in the display room, so it was a working studio today too.

Mugs!  I just love to make mugs. There are too many on the display, but you can live with that, can't you?

This is the new work for this year. Face plates, butter dishes, soap dishes, and small people (down at the far end).

I expected low attendance for the first day because there is so much going on in town. The Olympic torch came through, there was something on Parker's Piece, and it seems like every village school had some sort of fete. I wasn't disappointed with my low expectations, but had a really nice time talking to the people who did come.

I'd worked so hard to get this already despite the heavy rains this year not allowing work to dry and the builders having delays that it was almost nice to have the enforced inactivity. I'm all rested up now, though, so some Sunday visitors will see a perkier me. 

I'm open again on Sunday from 11-6, and the same again next Saturday and Sunday (14-15 July). I'm number 97 in your guide book.


  1. If I were to pick a mug, would you sell it to me and post it? I am absolutely in love with your work, I'd really like to own the mug on the second row from the bottom, 3rd in from the right.

    1. I just checked and that is one that didn't sell yesterday, so ... yes! I have pulled it from the display for you. I'll be in touch with a photo to confirm it's the right one, then we can work out the details of paying and posting privately.