Thursday, 12 November 2015


I've been working really hard and getting ready for my first California show with new work. I'll be taking Vertical Herds, which play with the idea of fitting in, safety in conformity. At the same time, there is some individuality going on.

I have too many pots here. I imagine 1/3 or 1/4 will go on the display, with another 1/3 under the table for restocking if anything sells. And the rest either in boxes in the car or at home to wait for their next show opportunity.

 A few close ups. Here are some fish herds (I know, I know, just go with the herd thing), and some elephants. The elephants just joined this party a few days ago.
 These giraffes nearly didn't exist. They presented dozens of really hairy technical problems. I have loads of failed pots that cannot be sold. Each one takes 5-15 hours of painting because every spot has to be painted three times or they just look bad. I really hope these go to homes that love them.

 Zebras. Still a lot of painting, but not quite as many headaches.
 A long shot of the contenders, waiting to be priced and packed up for transport.

 These are so much fun to make. I call them Crackpots. Sodium silicate and stencils with coloured slips.

I'm going to take along some Face Plates that I made in the UK, and some new mugs made here. The mugs are not from my kiln, but I haven't got facilities for reduction here. They were fired at Higher Fire in San Jose.

Come along to Art in Clay at the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto this weekend if you get a chance. 14-15 November 2015, 10am-5pm. Admission is free! So is parking!

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